Sukh Chicken coop Bedding Price: $11.99 (as of 19/04/2024 21:06 PST- Details)

🐤Quality aspen shavings: using natural aspen wood, after multiple dust, without any additives, with a natural odor, fluffy and comfortable, perfect for use as chicken coop bedding.
🐤STRONG ABSORPTIVITY AND EASY TO CLEAN: The product is highly absorbent and has a fresh, natural odor, which can cover the odor of excrement and keep the environment clean. No flavorings and additives smell. Give chicks a clean and comfortable home!
🐤EASY TO CLEAN UP: The shavings are easy to clean up and can decompose, which is very friendly to the environment. Using poplar wood shavings as chicken coop bedding, you can not worry too much about how to dispose of it after use, it is an ecological product that is convenient to use.

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