SUMERIANS TARTUF Black Truffle Sauce Truffle Paste Black truffle Mushroom Pure Truffle Flavor Sauce for Pizza pasta… Price: $14.99 (as of 07/04/2023 07:41 PST- Details)

💎【Black Truffle-‘The diamonds of cuisine’】Truffle is an underground mushroom and is considered the King of mushrooms. Our Black Truffle Sauce is Ready to use, add it on pizza or toss it in pasta, risotto, vegetable stir fry. Excellent as a spread on sandwiches, bruschetta, crostini. Try on fresh mozzarella cheese, omelet. True Truffle flavors in a little jar.A preferred choice for top chefs.
💎【The Guarantee for truffles safety-HACCP awarded】Quality and safety are our top priorities.All of our truffle product line,have passed third-party HACCP certification.From truffles are harvested,until they are delivered to your doorstep,SUMERIANS TARTUF involved in each step of the process to ensure that their safety and quality standards are strictly adhered to ensure that you receive safe, high quality black truffle sauce.
💎【Best Varieties High Content Black Truffle in Bottles】Not all black truffles are black winter truffles! Only Tuber Melanosprum is the most flavorful and valuable. In our truffle sauce, you can see truffle particles, you can feel the real truffles you can chew it. Our premium black truffle paste is a perfectly minced paste made with black truffle(Tuber Melanosprum),shiitake,salt etc.Makes for a delicious addition to any dishes.