Sweejar Tilted Raised Cat Food and Water Bowl Set, Stress Free Elevated Cat Food Bowls, Protect Cat’s Spine, Ceramic Pet Bowl Collection for Cats and Small Dogs, Set of 2 Price: $19.99$24.99 (as of 31/10/2023 05:21 PST- Details)

Reduce Neck Burden – The cat food and water bowls are raised 3.5 inches and 3.2 inches respectively, raising the food to the height of your cat. Your cat will eat and drink easily without bending its neck. The elevated height reduces your cat’s neck strain, prevents vomiting, reduces the risk of backflow, and helps your cat’s digestion. Take the product home and protect your cat’s cervical spine.
Tilted Angle Design – The cat food bowl has a special tilted design that keeps food piled to the center, which making it easier for your cat to access food. The tilted design also prevents food from falling out of the bowl and causing waste. Create a clean and sanitary eating environment for your cat.
Sturdy Ceramic Material – The cat food and water bowls are made of food-grade ceramic that is safe and reliable, you can rest assured to let kittens eat in these cat bowls. The ceramic is thick and sturdy, and the base of the bowl has some weight to prevent the cat from toppling over during the eating process. The surface of cat bowls is smooth and easy to clean, rinse in water and wipe dry to restore clean. Microwave and dishwasher are safe.

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