Turkey Tail Pet Support – Dog Multivitamins and Supplements for Immune Support, Gut Health & Wellness – Grain-Free…

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Turkey Tail Mushroom for Your Pet’s Immune System: Made from hand-picked turkey tail mushroom, this cat & dog multivitamin contains prebiotics, beneficial compounds, beta-glucans, Krestin (PSK) & Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP) for comprehensive immune & digestive support & overall wellness. Beta-glucans are the main compound in mushrooms that help to support our immune defenses so look no further for dog health supplies because these dog supplements & vitamins were made for you & your best bud.
Dog Supplements & Vitamins with Highest Level of Beta-Glucans: Turkey Tail mushroom contains some of the highest levels of beta-glucans out of all mushroom dog & cat supplements. It takes 360g of Turkey Tail mushrooms to make 45g of Turkey Tail extract, & with each serving comes more than 30% of beta-glucans & less than 5% starch. Our cat vitamins and supplements formulation has made it possible for you to enjoy nature’s best for your best bud.
Cat & Puppy Vitamins Scientifically Verified for Active Compounds: Since unextracted mushroom products are largely indigestible, we implore hot water extraction to obtain all the necessary nutrients that can provide your pet with digestible health support. Unlike other dog & cat vitamins, our wellness products don’t contain grains, mycelium & fillers & are verified by 3rd party laboratories for measured levels of beta-glucans.

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