Wjfrnk Cat Grass Teething Stick Sticks Treats Chicken Chewer Dental Toy Kitten Chew Natural Molar Rod Increase Appetit Teeth Cleaning Price: $7.42$24.72 (as of 16/03/2024 02:35 PST- Details)

【Addictive and Entertaining】 Cats Will Absolutely Love Our Cat Grass Teething Stick, And They’ll Be Begging for More. Not Only Will It Keep Them Entertained All Day Long, But It Will Also Provide Endless Enjoyment for Them
【Cat Grass Sticks Promote Dental Health】 By treating your cat to hours of fun and relaxation with this cat grass chew stick, you not only provide them with entertainment but also promote their overall health. The act of chewing on this toy can help clean and polish their teeth effectively. The plant fibers used in its construction aid in removing plaque and promoting mouth health, resulting in a cleaner and healthier mouth for your furry friend
【Dietary Benefits】 In addition to the taste and teething benefits, the ingredients in the cat grass chew stick also contribute to your cat’s overall digestive health. By keeping their digestive system on track, you can potentially reduce the need for frequent vet visits, allowing you to spend more quality time playing and having fun together

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