Wood Smith USA Premium Pine Bedding | Dust Free, Soft Shavings | All Natural | Chicken Coops | Animal Bedding | Small…

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* 16 Quart Premium Quality Small Pet Bedding. Soft and Comfortable – The rabbit litter is soft, free of chemicals, has no irritants and won’t irritate the skin of your tiny pets. Our animal bedding provides a cozy dry and warm environment to your small pet animals.
*Soft and Comfortable. Perfect Bedding for Small Pet’s – Small animal bedding is ideal for rabbits, chickens hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, snakes, guinea pigs, pythons, chinchilas, ferrets and hedgehogs. The rabbit bedding is economical, compostable, eco-friendly and completely secure for small pets.
*Perfect Bedding and Shavings for Small Pets. Highly Absorbent Hamster Bedding – Ultra – Absorbent pet bedding can absorb liquid up to 2 times its weight in moisture and helps to control odor. =The kiln dried pine bedding is a good choice for professional breeders and animal keepers who go through a lot of bedding.

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