Yaheetech 18”L x 14”W x 39”H Roof Top Large Metal Bird Cage for Mid-Sized Parrots Cockatiels Sun Conures Green Cheek Parakeets Budgie Finch Lovebird Parrotlet Pet Bird Cage w/1 Ladder & 2 Hanging Price:  $52.49 (as of 25/03/2022 19:50 PST- Details)

FREE ACCESSORY: 4 x Feeders; 3 x Wooden Perches; 2 x Toys; 1 x Ladder; 1 x Swing
BIRDIES’ AMUSEMENT PARK: Comes with 2 toys, a ladder and a swing that can be hanged freely inside the cage, this parrot cage can be both a sweet home and a playground for your lovely birds
VERSATILE: This high quality parrot cage is suitable for both home and outdoor use; large space, simple and thoughtful design makes it a perfect choice for pet stores and pet hospitals, also can be used for decoration in flower shops

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